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Algarve Smart Destination (ASD)

Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is as an informal network of private and public institutions focalized in digitalization of economy in the territory, mainly in turism sector, led by the Algarve System and Technological Partnership Association (Algarve STP), a non for profit association that incorporates the University of Algarve, the National Association of Young Entrepreneurial (ANJE) and three Municipalities of the Algarve region, namely Loulé, Faro, Olhão and a private association of IT companies, Algarve Evolution.

ASD incorporates the Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer (CRIA) of the University of Algarve, as an experienced entity in assisting SMEs, entrepreneurs and research centres, scouting and fostering research and development, and implementing innovation. Moreover, CRIA manages an early stage innovation incubator, aiming to foster startups and spinoffs, and support the implementation of applied R&D projects by industry partners. Moreover, CRIA integrates an intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), assisting researchers, entrepreneurs, startups and SME’s in protecting and transfer knowledge to the market. In the scope of the digitization process, the University of Algarve, CRIA plays a relevant role in providing training courses and services to support the transition to the digital economy.

Altis is a technological company with a large expertise in the field of communication and digitalization, especially trough Altice Labs. The company is an important player, at a national and international level, that reinforces the activity of the Algarve Smart Destination HUB, as well as the innovation and networking potential.

Fraunhofer Portugal, contributes significantly with expertise in the digitation process and in applied research with companies.

The ASD focuses on linking research institutions, industrial and technological centers, industrial associations, incubators, science and technology parks, industrial companies, technology companies, training institutions, and government agencies.

More specifically, ASD aims to create linkages, namely:

  1. Between technological providers and technological needs of tourism and smart destination and cities;
  2. Supporting SME’s in the digitalization process;
  3. Improving the use of the technological solution for problem-solving in tourism and smart destination and cities;
  4. Attract innovative and technological provider in the territory, mainly for turism sector and management for smart destination using ICT and process digitalization;
  5. To create a favourable environment for technological development and experimentation;
  6. Develop IA and deep learning applied in the tourism sectors and in digital marketing applications.

Predictive analysis and deep learning in understand the tourism industry and IoT process automatization to foster an efficient Smart Destination Management are some of the path to follow.

The hub is on the track for the Regional Strategy for Intelligent Specialization (RIS 3) in the sector do Health Care, TIC, Energy, and Agriculture.

Our Services

Awareness creation

Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking

Visioning e strategy development for business

Collaborative research

Concept validation and prototyping

Testing and validation

Commercial infrastructure

Incubator/accelerator support

Market intelligence

Access to funding and Investor readiness service


Education and skills development

Technical Competences

Micro e Nano electronics, smart System integration

Sensor, Actuator, MEMS, NEMS, RF

Cyber physical System (e.g. embedded system)

IoT (e.g. connected device, sensor and actuator networks)

Artificial intelligence and cognitive system

Interactions technologies (e.g.: human machine interactions)

Data Mining, big data, database management

Augmented and virtual reality, visualiations

Simulating and modelling

Software as service and service architecture

Cloud computing

ICT management, logistic and business system

Internet service (e.g.: web development, web production, design, networking and e-commerce)


Contact Info

Hugo Barros

Universidade do Algarve,Campus de Gambelas, Pavilhão B1,8005-139 Faro, PORTUGAL
+351 962 869 071